Monday, September 15, 2008

Got Jumper Cables?

While at Aqua Dulce airport today a Cessna 414 had some trouble. They flooded the engines trying to start them and then ran the battery dead. What the heck do you do at a sleepy little airport with that situation? Well, luckily, the airport has some nice people there and ingenuity to boot. With no 24-volt starter in the area, the collective assortment of hangar hanger-on-ers came up with a plan. The golf cart had multiple batteries wired in sequence. A quick check with a voltimeter showed 25 amps. A set of automotive jumper cables were found and voila! The airplane started, cleaned up, and got out of there. It was fun to hang out and help a little. The two guys in the Cessna were certainly relieved...

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